Oliveoilfinders.com is a platform dedicated to providing an oasis for olive oil enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of hand-selected extra virgin olive oils that have been tasted by our sommeliers. By focusing on offering exclusive and premium olive oils, Olive Oil Finders aims to cater to individuals who are passionate about discovering and learning about olive oil. Our goal is for our customers to explore different varieties and flavors of olive oil from around the world. 

With the introduction of Dominus Acebuche and Dominus Cosecha Temprana in 2019, Alta Gama Foods played a significant role in bringing these exceptional products to the U.S. market. Oliveoilfinders.com is a destination where one can learn, discover and indulge in the world of extra virgin olive oil.

At Olive Oil Finders, we're more than just aficionados of the golden elixir; we're your partners in culinary exploration. Let's sprinkle some zest into your day together!